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Each summer nearly 60 Summer Camp activities are conducted on the Natchitoches Campus of Northwestern State.  Some camps are also held throughout the year. Summer Camps are coordinated by the  Office of the Director Facility Use and Friedman Student Union (ODFU).  Each Camp shall designate its own Director/Coordinator and is normally supported by an NSU department/unit. Additionally, some camps are identified as non-university camps as space allows. The university camp load is heavy and any additional camp request call for review and approval by facility use and the confirmation of available space.

University Sponsored Camps:

Most camps held at the university are sponsored by the university and it's many organizations. The camps are broken down into two categories; Day Camps and Overnight camps. Procedures to request and approved Day camps are simplified whereas overnight camps call for housing and food service support. Click on the web link for procedures for summer camps.


Non-University Sponsored Camps:

Some of our camps are cosidered non-university affiliated camps which require review and approvial and are required to pay a facility use fee of $1.50 per camper per day. Food service and housing are additional charges if used. The camps are broken down ito two categories; Day Camps and Overnight Camps. Non-university camps have several documents and approvials that are requred prior to final approvial. Click on the web links for procedures. NOTE: Due to the significant number of summer Camps, additional camps will only be approved pending availability of space.