It is critical that each event coordinator communicate with the Office of Facilty Use when planning their event. Student Union Staff is armed with information to support your event. Please take the following steps, as necessary:

Step 1:  Communicate with Student Union staff to plan your event in enough time for sufficient planning. 

Step 2:  Be as specific as you can in detailing your requirements when you request space on the Virtual EMS request system. GETTIG IT ALL IN THE EMS SYSTEM TIMELY WILL HELP YOUR EVENT RUN SMOOTHLY.  

              a.  Use the Reservation Request Data Sheet to provide critical information to the EMS User Account holder for your organization.

Student Union Ballroom Setup Diagram - Print this form and complete setup instructions. Fax to 318-357-4545 when complete at least one week prir to event.


              b.  Visit the SU Office (SU 214) to turn in your completed SU Supplement Form to assist us in supporting your event support needs.

              c.  Visit the SU Office (SU 214) to turn in your completed SU Ballroom Diagram Form to help us correctly setup the Ballroom for your event.

Step 3:  Determine when the room needs to be setup for your event.

Step 4:  After it is setup, visit the room to help us ensure that everything is in place for your event.

Step 5:  During the event, our staff is available (in SU 214) to assist you if you have problems.

Step 6:  Enjoy a great event. 

Step 7:  Return the rooms you utilized to the condition in which you received them.